Laser IPL 

Laser IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

  • Common knowledge facts:
    Laser is mono-chromatic. It has one specific wavelength. It’s good at what it does but can do only one specific job.
    IPL is poly-chromatic. It emits light across a broad range of wavelengths. Each is preferentially absorbed by the appropriate structure in the skin, making IPL a versatile device capable to treat several hair and skin conditions

  • Laser Hair Removal Before After

  • SHR (Super Hair Removal is one of the most recent advancements in IPL laser hair removal. The super IPL system machines work 10 times faster than other IPL systems, completing a full legs treatment in only 15 minutes. Unlike most IPL machines, this series can treat tanned skin, dark skin, and lighter hair. It’s also capable of clearing acne and reducing wrinkles, treating pigmentation, red vein removal and it’s far safer than regular IPL systems.

  • How does laser IPL work?
    Light travels directly to the hair follicle gently heating it and in turn starving it of nutrients and oxygen and this disables and damages the hair follicle. Hairs grow in 3 different stages. Growing (anagen), sleeping (catagen) and shedding (telogen). IPL Laser can only treat the hairs in the growing stage and after each visit, more hair falls out at around 10 -14 days. Sessions will be every 6 -8 weeks and it is important to be consistent with your sessions to obtain the maximum result

  • How many sessions do I need?
    A course of  8 is recommended for most people. Those with very dark, coarse hair may need 10.

  • Are the results permanentIn nearly all cases, yes they are. Once the hairs are destroyed, they will not grow back. However, sometimes if there are hormonal changes in years to come then you may need a top up session.

  • Are there any side effects? Does it hurt?
    Years ago, when I first trained with IPL, it felt like an elastic band flicking against your skin. The machines have come a long way since then. SHR Technology allows for the hair to be treated with minimal side effects, sometimes just a little redness like with waxing and its now virtually pain free!

  • Does it treat in-growing hairs?
    Yes. Sometimes when hairs become weaker and finer due to waxing, they find it more difficult to poke through the skin, resulting in them curling back on themselves and becoming stuck underneath the skin. As the hair follicles are actually destroyed, this means in-growing hairs are gone for good.

  • Can I just buy a machine online and treat myself? 

  • Yes, you can but there is no hard scientific evidence to prove that they work at all. A machine bought from a high street chemist for £300 is hardly going to be the same as a medical/clinical machine for say £50,000 otherwise most salons and clinics that offer IPL would have been out of business decades ago. It boils down to one fact, and that is, the light source needs to be strong enough to work. A home based machine would in my view be a waste of time and money.

  • I am MIKE MURPHY trained in IPL and tattoo removal to give you the best possible results (I have been trained by the best)

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  • Laser IPL Acne, pigmentation, rosacea, wrinkle reduction/skin rejuvenation or thread vein treatment

  • Prices start from £45 depending on size of area treated.

  • .Patch tests and consultations are free of charge.